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Think Through Math


Common Core Math Ready

We’ll make it easier for you. Now the standards face what experts say is their biggest challenge yet: faithful translation from expectations on paper to instruction in classrooms. Think Through Math targets the standards within the Common Core State Standards that focus on the most critical foundations for algebra. With focused and coherent instruction, the program also addresses the recommendations of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel’s Final Report (2008): “to prepare students for algebra, the curriculum must simultaneously develop conceptual understanding, computational fluency, and problem-solving skills.” The program deepens conceptual understanding and builds life-changing thinking skills and practices to develop mathematically proficient students.

 Focused Content

Think Through Math is focused on the critical foundations for algebra readiness. To accelerate learning for underperforming older students, it is not necessary to reteach every missed skill and concept. Think Through Math focuses on the development of skills and concepts that are essential for success in algebra.

 Coherent Structure

Think Through Math is built on the principle that there is a structure and coherence to mathematics. Conveying this to students is key to helping them apply their understanding to new topics. The program utilizes Learning Progressions. This means that each lesson is linked to previous lessons. This approach equips students with the tools and confidence to successfully transition from elementary content to middle school, high school, and beyond.

 Conceptual Understanding

Deep understanding means that concepts are well represented and well connected to other concepts. Think Through Math makes extensive use of models–real world situations, manipulatives, number strips, graphs and diagrams–to help students see the connections between different topics and develop strategies and reasoning that prepare students for higher-level mathematics.

 Mathematical Thinking and Practice

Many students don’t retain their mathematical knowledge because they lack basic tools for thinking. Strong thinking skills are essential to success in math and are precisely what students must carry from school to college and career. Good thinking practices embody the habits of mind that mathematically strong students exhibit. Think Through Math integrates these habits of mind through building them into problems and demonstrating that students can rely on them. The result of improved personal practice: students are ready to tackle more rigorous concepts and are equipped with tools they can use their entire lives.

 Emphasize the Problem Solving Process

Too often, students try computing an answer without fully understanding the problem. Think Through Math teaches students to break down problems and truly understand them. The program challenges students to think through the problem that based on a research-based 5-step process that they can use over and over to ensure a successful outcome.

 Explicit Instruction, Meaningful Practice, Aligned Assessment

Targeting the most critical foundations for algebra, Think Through Math provides rigorous instruction that is always paired with meaningful practice and assessment items aligned to CCSSM intentions. The goal is always to help students develop real understanding and to measure when they make breakthrough or need more help. The program’s mission is to provide underperforming students with an accelerated path to algebra, as well as to high school, college and career.

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